Brian Jones

Wrote up recent reading including neo-noir, videogame development, and ketogenic diets 📚…

Today’s Columbus-area workspace is at the Franklinton branch. Red Door BBQ is next door.

Today’s Columbus-area library workspace is out in Canal Winchester.

Hadn’t realized that my last batch from Phinery was going to be the last ever. Nice profile of the label on the Bandcamp Daily. Lots of good stuff in the back catalog.

Today’s Columbus-area library workspace is Grandview Heights, my local.

About 2.5 years since the Kickstarter, but I’ve finally received the notification that my Model 01 Keyboard is out for delivery today!

🎧 Great episode of the Night White Skies podcast with Bradford Bouley discussing his work on the role of the 16th and 17th century Catholic Church in developing a culture of empiricism through promoting physicians’ autopsies of people considered for sainthood.

Today’s Columbus-area library workspace is the New Albany branch. I think I’ve made a mistake by settling in this small quiet study room, but there aren’t a lot options in the open reading area.

Bricoleur magazine looks like a nice project and is running a Kickstarter for their second issue.

Today’s Columbus-area library workplace is the Linden branch.

Taking a break from the digital to make something tangible: machine quilting with some Chiangmai textiles We bought at Chatuchak Market in Bangkok a few years ago.

🎵 New cassette release on Genot Centre, Shirase by Bonie Jash, is a nice fuzzy, swelling background for working on a rainy Saturday morning

Public Domain Review has a nice feature on Edward Hulme’s Cryptography: or the History, Principles, and Practice of Cipher Writing published in 1898.

Today’s Columbus area library workspace is the Gahanna branch.

New show Subnet can be added to an Alexa Flash Briefing. Great idea for short-form podcasts.

Workaround for Github Pages not serving HTTPS for custom domains using a Cloudflare free-tier account…

Today’s Columbus area library workplace is the Driving Park branch.

Construction has begun on the 10,000 year clock funded by Jeff Bezos. In 2013 in The Appendix we published an interview with Alexander Rose of the Long Now Foundation who developed the clock.

Going to work at each of the Columbus area libraries over the next couple months. Today is Northside branch.

Fun zine project from Glitch about making web apps with Node.js.