Brian Jones

🎵 I realize I’m a soft touch for Daniel Lanois-produced records, but even given that I think Neil Young’s Le Noise should have been a bigger deal.

Today’s Columbus-area library workspace is the Hilltop branch. (The nearby tortillería I’ve been meaning to try brought me here.)

Interesting post-mortem on building the in-house text editor for the New York Times. Also introduced me to ProseMirror which looks very cool.

Today’s Columbus-area library workspace is the Worthington Room in the Old Worthington Library.

🎵 I’ve been sitting on this early 80s heavy psych record for a long, long time. Turns out it’s amazing! – “Get Stoned Ezy” by High Speed and the Afflicted Man

Get Stoned Ezy

It’s finally time to dig into learning how to use git submodules.

Today’s Columbus-area library workspace is the main downtown library.

Today’s Columbus-area library workspace is the Reynoldsburg branch.

We lived about half a block on the other side of the Landwehrkanal from this building. Google moving in would be a real bummer for the feel of this neighborhood.…

If you’re going to Joe’s Bakery and ordering breakfast tacos instead of the Joey Rocha plate, I don’t know to help you.

Onze paasboom

Working through the Gatsby tutorial this morning. Not sure if it’s a great idea to get my first exposure to React this way, but it’s pretty neat so far.

It’s nice to see all of the March for Our Lives photos. The turnout in Columbus was impressive, although we couldn’t stay because our future student was too upset by the loud music.

A nice retrospective on ten years of Programming Historian. I still hope to get a pitch together some day……

Today’s Columbus-area library workspace is the Karl Road branch.

Christopher Schaberg was also on a recent episode the Night White Skies podcast discussing, among other things, the usefulness of literature as a exploratory and interpretative tool.

Nice essay by Christopher Schaberg for Real Life on selling cars and automobility in the twilight of car culture…

Today’s Columbus-area library workspace is the Livingston branch. The quiet study room is a nice glassed-in porch overlooking a snowy park.

Wrote up recent reading including neo-noir, videogame development, and ketogenic diets 📚…

Today’s Columbus-area workspace is at the Franklinton branch. Red Door BBQ is next door.