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This Ellsworth Kelly installation looks like a wonderful addition to UT’s campus (in a part of campus that needs it). I would like to see it soon.


Interesting discussion from Baremetrics on finding the right balance between using their own blog and Medium for content marketing posts

Helpful primer. I wish this had been around when I first started hearing about “serverless.” Took me forever to realize I wasn’t wrong that there was a “server” and that it’s just the developer’s relationship to the server that is different.

Homepage photo for Frost Bank today is of Ernst Tinaja which, as my blog url may indicate (, triggers some Texan homesickness.

Spending a snowy morning installing CouchDB. First time working with any sort of NoSQL database, but I’m hoping it will be the solution for the messy data we’re collecting for the Austin music performances.

🎵 Jamal Green’s soundtrack for Equilinox makes for good early morning work background with the winter storm dumping outside.

Daniel Cook (and others) do a deep analysis of “cozy games,” an interesting way to get at a set of aesthetics, goals, and mechanics common to a lot of the games I still have any interest in playing these days.

Went for a snow day walk at the Darby Creek Metro Park.

Faune is a new typeface inspired by Buffon’s eighteenth-century natural history and the early ninetenth-century Description de l’Égypte with a nice complementary set of contemporary illustrations.

Leaning into Austin nostalgia and listening to the Black Angels at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto in 2006 along with finding afterparty photo of very less-tired me.

Spider House long ago ceased to be what I loved it for, but Ruby’s had managed to stay what it was.

Seeing the news of Ruby’s BBQ closing has me bummed out more than most changing-Austin news. Vegetarian choices and 2 chopped beef sandwiches for $5 made early 20s living in that part of town easy.

Time-lapse video from a container ship navigating the Suez Canal.

Favorite artist name encountered so far collecting 1930s and 1940s Austin music performances has to be “Grouchy and His Texas Pioneers”.

Short Stack is a periodical series of small, single-subject cookbooks with a super-appealing design sensibility.

🎵 “An English-Language Survey of Sudanese Music”: Wish there were more information on sources, but some good listening in here.

Wrote some notes on recent reading.…

Continuing from yesterday on the subject of bootstrap business transparency, the Supertop Podcast on their business based on the Castro podcast player is great.

🎵 The third Marfa Myths release from Mexican Summer is going to be a collab between Dungen and Woods!

Have been impressed with Hello Code’s transparency on their podcast, but hadn’t previously noticed their stats page and think public dashboards like these are particularly helpful in giving people realistic expectations about bootstrapped businesses