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🎵 New cassette release on Genot Centre, Shirase by Bonie Jash, is a nice fuzzy, swelling background for working on a rainy Saturday morning

Public Domain Review has a nice feature on Edward Hulme’s Cryptography: or the History, Principles, and Practice of Cipher Writing published in 1898.

Today’s Columbus area library workspace is the Gahanna branch.

New show Subnet can be added to an Alexa Flash Briefing. Great idea for short-form podcasts.

Workaround for Github Pages not serving HTTPS for custom domains using a Cloudflare free-tier account…

Today’s Columbus area library workplace is the Driving Park branch.

Construction has begun on the 10,000 year clock funded by Jeff Bezos. In 2013 in The Appendix we published an interview with Alexander Rose of the Long Now Foundation who developed the clock.

Going to work at each of the Columbus area libraries over the next couple months. Today is Northside branch.

Fun zine project from Glitch about making web apps with Node.js.

It’s 72F outside in February, so I’m working at the park.

There are few writers as good as Sarah Vowell at showing how or why to care about something. Her recent New York Times piece on land grant universities is great.

📚 Wrote up some recent reading notes

The hero illustration and color transition animation on scroll for this David Grann piece on a solo expedition in Antarctica are very nice and subtle.

Also stoked to have just noticed I registered for the Gent marathon on their Dutch-language website with no English without noticing it.

Just registered for the Marathon van Gent for October. How big a mistake would it be also to register for Eindhoven two weeks earlier?

The neighborhood around Adalbertstraße out of Kottbusser Tor was one our primary father/son walking zones when we were living in Neukölln. Nice photos of the Kinderbauernhof there.

I get the sense that development is no longer very active, but I still open up Calca every time I need to “talk through” a problem with arithmetic with myself.

Global Americana is a nice online presentation of selected documents from the John Carter Brown Library’s collection of Americana in a global context. ⏳

My stay-at-home/work-from-home dad schedule of trying to do all of my business banking at 5am Eastern runs me into a lot of “scheduled maintenance” periods.

Duncan Fyfe revisits the Daryl Gates-led installment of the Police Quest series. I was right at the threshold of political sentience when it came out and remember being uneasy and unable to articulate why.