Brian Jones

Really love these felt sculptures of marine specimens by Hiné Mizushima. Nice process photos on her website as well.…

Pretty happy with these little randomly generated island mirage animations I put together on Glitch over the last few days.

Daily walk home after morning school drop-off.

I find this Environments app from Numero Group to be a really exciting format idea for reissue labels with ambient instrumental and field recordings in their catalog.

I thought the black in the existing Visual Studio icon was a drag and found this nice replacement by James Gilyead.

Going to the beach in Blankenberge today.

Selections of anti-Google/anti-gentrification graffiti and art installations proliferating in our old Berlin neighborhood. Having lived a block away from the proposed location, it is difficult to imagine this won’t have incredibly negative consequences for the neighborhood.

Working on the roof terrace while the sunny afternoons last.

I discovered a new-to-me record label yesterday and got stoked.

Nice, quiet guitar ambience on this upcoming North Americans record…

Using Glitch to build a JavaScript audio player for some interviews without the encumbrance of surrounding layout and dependencies. It will end up as a React component in a Gatsby project, but right now it’s just plain dumb HTML and vanilla JS and it’s great.

Brent Simmons has open-sourced the code for NetNewsWire 4 in conjunction with his taking the name and assets for the app back from Black Pixel. Fun times.

Day One tells me four years ago I spent the day catching some Austin greatest hits before moving: working on my disssertation conclusion at Bennu and picking up lunch at El Chilito.

On non-algorithmic music discovery in The Outline. I can vouch for diving into genre tags on Bandcamp.

Setting up a continuous deployment from GitHub to Netlify of an in-development Gatsby-based project feels a little like magic.

Early morning run in the Kempen

It was decided that a semifinal spot warranted a nationalistic indulgence.

Today’s Columbus-area library workspace is the Martin Luther King branch which has a small African art collection on display.

Knobs is one of my favorite YouTube channels, and this review of and performance with the Meris effects pedals is a great example of why.

I love this mural by Camille Walala at Industry City in Brooklyn

Google Maps API will be moving to paid access only soon. For simple use cases at least, OpenStreeMap is your friend.

This box set of Oregon history comics looks neat.

Chihuly installation with butterflies

I did not know that Doug Sahm was on stage at the Skyline Club for Hank Williams’s last performance before he died.…

A compelling critique of American patriotism by Sam Haselby in Aeon. Implicit in his attribution of American (literal) demonization of the Other to Anglo Puritan roots is the importance of the historiographical perspective synthesized so well in Fernández-Armesto’s Our America.