Took a break from work to go on a 5 mile run up on Waldo Mesa. Checked out the Madrid cemetery. Wish I could have stayed longer, but the local dogs were not pleased with me.

Arched metal gate centered in frame with scrubby desert landscape in foreground and bright blue sky above. The gate has flowers hanging down the sides and reads Land of the Dead across the top. In the background are graves, memorials, and assorted seating areas and decorations. In the foreground a memorial is made from a bicycle wheel and handlebars with a cross in the middle. The background shows a diversity of non-traditional memorials and headstones. Closeup of a collection of items including dried cholla cactus and a tin bird hanging from a fence post with graves in the background Rocks piled on graves in foreground with wooden crosses slanting and a bright blue sky with white clouds in background

Brian Jones @jonesbp